Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to become Industry leader by consistently meeting and exceeding our Customer’s expectations; providing them with superior engineering solutions and continually improved quality; to add value to clients through Innovative Engineering Solutions, foresight, integrity and aggressive performance by our trained team of professionally experienced employees with an honest and helpful working environment (culture), where each member of Nucleus individually and collectively, can dedicate themselves to providing our customers with exceptional workmanship (performance) so as to serve with character and purpose that brings honor to world class services and to the almighty god.



To be industry leader in the Field of safety and security Companies in the Next Five Years by providing Innovative Engineering Solutions and continually improved quality by upgrading skills of all employees through training. To be Professional and Profitable with Exponential Growth without compromising on our core values. To ensure Mutual Growth of Clients, Suppliers, Employees and Partners.



  • Commit what we can deliver and Deliver what has been committed.
  • Create Environment of mutual trust and respect for all stakeholders.
  • Customer Empathy.
  • Customer Support and Guidance to Maximize their Productivity.
  • Win-Win Business Practice.
  • Innovative Engineering Solution for enhancing Safety and Quality standards.
  • Quality Services and On Time Delivery.
  • We Practice Transparency at all Levels.
  • Integrity and Team Work.
  • Continuous Training and Up gradation of Skills at all Levels.
  • Cutting Wastages of Resources, protect Environment, health and safety of all.